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Bertrand Mizero, CEO
Bertrand Mizero has a Master's Degree in International Development from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a BA in Business Administration. 

Before moving to the US, Bertrand worked extensively in the field of International Development, both in the Middle East and in the Great Lakes region of Africa. He was commissioned to impart his expertise in the field on developing and implementing new projects as well as conducting evaluation processes. 

Prior to establishing Ubuntu Care, Bertrand worked in various capacities with organizations that provide support to individuals with developmental disabilities. Bertrand has always strived to engage clients in reaching goals helping them live a most fulfilling life. Bertrand's dedication to individuals with learning disabilities is demonstrated by his relentless drive to ensure the highest quality of care to clients in UC's care.

Bertrand enjoys life with a beautiful wife and four of the cutest kids you've ever seen! 

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Patrick Dushime, CFO

Patrick leads the finance department at Ubuntu Care where he is in charge of daily financial management and operations. He oversees payroll operations and plays a transversal role with all the departments to ensure they use the available funds in the most efficient way. Prior to join Ubuntu Care, he successfully worked over a decade as project manager and accountant with both local and international non-profits organizations impacting more than 200,000 people. Patrick holds a Bachelor degree in business administration and management coupled with many professional certifications and trainings he acquired over years. In his spare time, Patrick is involved in his local church if not at his church, he is playing basketball with his friends. Patrick is married to his beautiful wife and their 3 sons.

Benjamin Biseruka, Director of Operations

Ben is a graduate of Husson University with a Post Bachelor Degree in Legal studies . His passion for service to vulnerable populations is exhibited in his professional resume. With over 5 years' experience working in the legal framework, he worked for UNCHR mandated by the United Nations to seek durable solution for refugees and worked tirelessly to insure they are safe and have a safe place to restart their lives and regain a sense of dignity.  Since 2015, he has supported people with disabilities with passion and heart with similar goals. Ben is an irreplaceable member of the Ubuntu team, as he brings a high level of integrity, passion and experience to the table, while keeping an eye on the legality of processes and procedures. Ben collaborates with the team to ensure operations are conducted smoothly, working diligently to ensure clients are getting the proper care they deserve and staff are equipped to offer quality care to those in their care. Ben knows first hand the challenges that come with the job of a DSP, and is committed to supporting UC staff, giving credit as due!

Ben is married, enjoys working out, hiking and plays basketball.

Danielle Lamy, LCPC, Clinical Director

Danielle holds a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.  Danielle has been a fully licensed clinician for 12 years, practicing within agencies in Massachusetts.  She has worked with individuals with ID and ASD for the past twenty years; working first as a DSP, in various roles within clinical departments, and as now as Ubuntu's Clinical Director.  Danielle is passionate about access to communication, community inclusion, access to meaningful job opportunities, and mental health access for those with intellectual disabilities and/or Autism and co-occurring mental health disorders.  Her professional expertise includes, CBT, DBT, language deprivation and deaf mental health, creation of positive support plans and behavior modification plans as well as crisis intervention.  When not at work, Danielle enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, son, and their dog.

Bruce Bennet, Facilities Director

Bruce, another valuable member of the Ubuntu Care team, is heavily relied on for the logistics of our group homes.  From maintenance to contracting new leases, the UC team depends on his diligence to making our homes safe and comfortable for our clients. 

With a long history of working in logistics, customer service, and direct service for adults with disabilities. In his home country of Burundi, he worked in logistics with United Nations and Radio broadcasting. For the past twelve years he has worked as a customer service representative in Tulsa OK, Westbrook Me and Portland Me also as Direct Support Specialist in Cambridge MA, in Saco Me and in Portland Me. Bruce got his start in residential services by witnessing firsthand the need for Care givers when he was working for the State of Maine/DHHS in 2015 for which he demonstrated that he has the heart of serving his community and the public in general. 

 His friends would describe him as easy going, lighthearted, a good listener and a person who is dedicated to helping people.  Best known for his charm and kindness, he is also a father of 3 and a husband to a beautiful woman.

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Abby Swope, Quality Assurance Officer

Abbey attended Temple University in Philadelphia and studied advertising. During her senior year, she visited Maine during her winter break and found a job assisting an elderly lady. She fell in love with direct care (and New England) that she never returned to Philadelphia. She worked in private direct care for 5 years before joining the team at Ubuntu.  


Abbey is our office manager and quality assurance officer. She works closely with the clinical department to make sure the residents are receiving the best care. Abbey also reviews the data collect from the DSPs to make sure plans are being followed and working efficiently for the clients. She hosts a monthly meeting for the residents to get together and update their peers (and office staff) of their new goals they are trying to attain.   


Abbey and her partner just bought their first home in the spring of 2022 and have been spending most of their free time doing renovations. She has a mini dachshund named Zappa, and has has a beautiful girl

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