Love. Truth.

Choice. Dignity. Respect.

Residential Services inspired by Humanity.


Ubuntu is an African Bantu word that means “Humanity”, but which is often used in a more philosophical sense to express a universal bond that connects all humanity – “I am because you are”. Ubuntu is the essence of a human being, the inherent spark of goodness within each of us. Ubuntu guides how one interacts with other human beings, nature and the Creator. Ubuntu fosters love, truth, dignity, choice and respect.


At Ubuntu Care, we are committed to offer the best quality residential services, inspired by these traditional African values. We support and encourage each individual in our care to attain the highest possible levels of independence, self-fulfillment and integration. We accompany and mentor each individual to grow meaningful relationships, and to nurture their special and unique talents, abilities and interests, for the betterment of their lives and their communities.


On the other hand, we also work with their families, friends, colleagues, neighbourhoods and communities to see, embrace and encourage them as members of society who are fully capable of contributing to building a better, more inclusive, Ubuntu-driven, society.



We provide the following residential and community support services to our clients in residential homes and in the community:


  • Support with activities of daily living

  • Medication administration

  • Assistance with self-care and self-management

  • Promote Personal Development and well being

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